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Often, I receive requests from members of my stock market trading discussion group to give my views on technical analysis of stocks that they are watching. In the course of discussion, I discovered one common factor which separates the winning traders from the losing traders.

In general, both group of traders like to scan their lists of active stocks to uncover possible trading candidates. However, the traders in the winning group are specific about their trading, and have their entry and exit points well spelt out in a specific trading plan.

In their trading,they have precise entry and exit points. . . so that the trade is unemotional. After they have entered a trade, either they are correct and ride the trend or they are wrong and you exit with a loss that has been predetermined. There is nothing vague in their trading.

In contrast, those who are losing money in their trades invariably do not have a trading plan, or at least a semblance of a trading plan. This group of traders jump on tips provided by others without being able to check or verify the tips from any analysis, whether technical or fundamental. They do not have any idea of when to enter the trade or to exit with a stop loss.

Again, when the winning traders have computed their entry and exit and stop loss points, these traders can approach their
trading day with guarded optimism, watching whether an expected rally is on the cards or not. By watching pre-determined price points, the trader can know whether a rally has in fact begun and to start to trade in a more aggressive manner or to stop trading on wrong expectations which comes soeasily by being influenced by tips here and there. If the trade goes against them and hit their stop loss, they take their loss unemotionally and are out of the market, thus limiting their losses.

Remember, you involve hard earned money into your trading and investment. There is nothing VAGUE about trading. Every entry and exit points is calculated before hand to enable you to control your risk, if you are to become a successful trader.

Learn how to do this well and you will be a consistent trader. Test every tip and breathe specifics into your trades and you can make profits. In every profession, it is the specialist who makes the most money. Learn to excel in your trading and you will be profitable.

Advance Financial

Sometimes, it can become difficult for you to arrange finance to meet various financial requirements. Usually, in such a situation you would prefer to approach a bank, as it is the only way to arrange sufficient finance without letting people know about your bitter financial condition. Since borrowing money from your relatives or friends can affect your social status, it is always better to avoid their help. Did you ever think that what would you do if an emergency knocks your door at the last minute and you do not even have time to request your relatives for it? This emergency can be a medical treatment, due bill or any other intensive personal requirement that cannot wait till lengthy bank formalities. If you never thought about settlement of any such problem, then you can consider cash advance in UK for instant help.

It is quite obvious that unavailability of sufficient cash can cause stress therefore to avoid that annoyance, next time simply go for cash advance in UK. It offers every borrower an excellent way to deal with his or her emergency financial requirements; in fact, you can get desired cash in minutes with it. Basically, cash advance loans are the enhanced form of traditional money lending system but there are some new things that had been incorporated to make them more convenient and fast. Cash advance in UK is offered against a predetermined line of credit; though there is not any term as security submission or verification but the bank provide this loan only after checking the credit score of the borrower. Since many people question on reliability and authenticity of cash advance loans, they must know that these loans are government sponsored and only certified banks and their associate groups has right to offer these loans.

People, who have a bad credit history, can also get this loan as there are some bankers who offer these loans for the people with bad credit history. The only drawback of cash advance in UK is its high interest rate; since banks provide these loans on the basis of their trust, high interest rate seems quite rational for this loan. However, one can deal with this problem very easily by searching for a lender with less interest rate. Searching for a reasonable lender is very simple, all you need to do for it is search an online loan provider and fill an online request quote. In 4 or 5 minutes of sending you request for quotes you will get a mail from them regarding available schemes and their rates.

In view of the fact that everyone can face financial problems in any phase of his or her life, one needs to keep a solution in mind so that the problem can be solved without any delay. Cash advance loans in UK provide you with that confident financial resource which can be accessed and used anytime. The prhyme advantage that is related to these loans is fast processing and freedom from security arrangement. Therefore, if you have been trapped in any of such emergency financial crisis, then go for cash advance loans and throw all financial worries out of your life.

Our accounting team are Happy – can you tell?

Get Stock Market

“Sell in May and Stay Away” Words to live and invest by? I don’t know who coined the phrase but I did a bit of research and yes this strategy would have worked out for you is you had implemented it over the life of the TSP retirement account. Of course we know past performance does not guarantee future results but there is something here that makes this investor think that just maybe there is something more to the story this time.

There are five funds available in the Thrift Savings Plan.

The C Fund is based on the S&P 500
The F Fund is designed to match the bonds in the Lehman Brothers U. S. Aggregate (LBA) index.
The G Fund invests in short-term U. S. treasuries
The S Fund follows the Wilshire 4500 index
The I Fund follows the EAFE index

From its inception in 1988 through the end of 2005 the C Fund (based on the S&P 500) has averaged 12. 61556% per year. In the months October through May it averaged12. 87611%. From June through September it averaged -0. 26056%. For the same 18 year period, the F Fund averaged 3. 356111% for the four months June through September. Had you sold all of your stock C Fund on May 31 and moved all your money into the F Fund and then moved all of your money from the F Fund back to the C Fund on September 30th, you would have realized a 3. 616667% per year increase in your rate of return over 18 years. Let me repeat this, a 3. 616667% annual increase based on only two trades per year.

From 2001 through 2005 the C Fund (based on the S&P 500) annual average was only 2. 22%. Its average gain October through May was 9. 24% while it’s June through September average was an appalling 7. 02% loss. Utilizing the same strategy as above, our average rate of return would have jumped from an anemic 2. 22% to a healthy 11. 38%. That is an amazing increase of over 9% based on just two trades per year.

Since its inception in 2001 the S Fund (based on the Wilshire 4500 index) has averaged 9. 314% and the I Fund (based on the EAFE index) averaged 6. 56%. They show the same pattern of gains October through May, with gains of 14. 05% for the S Fund and 10. 368% for the I Fund annually during those eight months. They also continue the S Fund pattern of losses Jun through September, a 4. 736% loss for the S Fund and 3. 808% loss for the I Fund. Using the same strategy of eight months in the S and I funds and four months in the F Funds, you would have realized additional gains of 6. 336% for the S Fund and 5. 378% for the I fund brining your rate of return to 15. 65% for an S+F strategy and 11. 938% for an I+F strategy.

What do you think about this? Join the TSPcenter forum and let me know. My gut tells me we are in for a bad summer. Of course that could be a result of the pepperoni pizza I just ate.

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